Would you like ... ?

Comprehension - Multiple Choice


Read the text and then choose the correct answers to the questions.

Would you like ... ?

(It's Monday morning and Mr Bean is in the staff room. He is making a cup of black coffee and stirring in the sugar. Miss Smith comes in ... )

Mr Bean: Hello, Miss Smith. Would you like a cup of coffee? I'm just making some.

Miss Smith: Oh, yes please, that would be lovely.

Mr Bean: How do you take it?

Miss Smith: With milk and sugar please.

(Mr Bean makes the coffee.)

Mr Bean: Here you are.

Miss Smith: Thank you.

(Their colleague Mr Martin comes in.)

Miss Smith: Good morning Mr Martin, coffee?

Mr Martin: Oh, great! Yes please, I'd love one.

Mr Bean: Milk and sugar?

Mr Martin: A little milk and no sugar, please.