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The verb "To do"

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To do or not to do (I know that isn't the question, but maybe it should be. To do is one of the most common verbs in English. It can be used as an auxiliary and a main verb. It is often used in questions.

Singular=1 Plural=1+
I do You do
You do We do
He/she/it does They do


Do / Does

Question ?
Positive Statement +

Negative Statement -

Written Form or spoken for emphasis
Contracted Form (spoken)

Does he?
Does she?
Does it?

He does
She does
It does



Do Does
Question - ? "Do you always take the bus to work?" "Does she ever do her homework on time?"
Positive Answer - Yes "Yes I do." "Yes she does."
Negative Answer - No "No I don't." "No she doesn't."

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