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I'm going to Barbados

by The Vengaboys


This song nicely illustrates the use of the future using 'going to' and 'will':-

Ladies and gentlemen this is Captain Tobias Willcock
Welcoming you aboard Coconut Airways Flight 372 toBridgetownBarbados.

We will be flying at a height of 32,000 feet
and at an air speed of approximately 600 miles per hour.
Refreshments will be served after take-off.
Kindly fasten your safety belts and refrain from smoking until the aircraft is airborne.


I'm going to Barbados.
Back to the palm trees.
I'm going to see my girlfriend.
in the sunny Caribean sea.

I don't want to be a bus driver all my life.
I've seen too much of Brixton town in the night.
Fly away on Coconut Airways
fly me high
Barbados sky.

I look up at the sky and I see the clouds.
I look down at the ground and I see the rain go down the drain.
Fly away on Coconut Airways
fly me high Barbados sky.


Far away from London Town and the rain
It's really very nice to be home again..
Mary Jane met the Coconut Airplane.
Now I know she loves me so.


"Ladies and gentlemen we are now commencing our approach to Bridgetown Barbados.
The weather is fine with a maximum temperature of 90 degrees fahrenheit.
The sky is blue and the palm trees are really cool.
Captain Willcock and his crew hope you have had a pleasant flight and that you will fly Coconut Airways again."


©Typically Tropical Lyrics

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