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The verb to do- textRead thistext

We use the Present Simple tense to talk about regular or permanent actions.

Present Simple



The Present Simple - "don't" = do not | "doesn't" = does not

In the third person (he, she, it) form, the negative form of the verb to do takes an s. For example:-
I/we/you/they pen
do not do not have do not read do not like do not eat do not drink
I/we/you/they mouth
don't don't have don't read don't like don't eat don't drink
He/she/it pen
does not does not have does not read does not like does not eat does not drink
He/she/it mouth
doesn't doesn't have doesn't read doesn't like doesn't eat doesn't drink

Things Mr Bean does and doesn't do on Saturday mornings.

wake up to wake up late On Saturday Mr Bean doesn't wake up at 6.00 am. He wakes up at 8.00 am.
get up to get up late He doesn't get up at 6.15 am. He gets up at 9.00 am.
nooffice bathroom He doesn't go to the office. He goes to the bathroom.
shower a bath He doesn't have a shower. He has a bath.
nocup shave/brush After his bath, he doesn't have a cup of coffee. He has a shave and brushes his teeth.
Eat breakfastclock7 eatingclock12 He doesn't eat breakfast at about 7.00 am. He eats breakfast at about 10.00 am.
not read the newspaper to run After breakfast he doesn't read the newspaper. He goes for a run.
not work to visit friends After his run he doesn't go to work. He usually visits his friends.
For homework, tell us something you don't do:-
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Test the present simple negative - fill in the gaps using the verbs given -

Fill It

Sing It

Listen to this song, and read the lyrics. Maybe sing along. It is great for practising

"I don't want to talk about it. "

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