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Unit 1 - Lesson 3 - People, Places, Nationalities
+ The Question Where?



Who? = People
What? = Things


Where? = Places


Rule For example

People's names always start with a CAPITAL LETTER.

My name is Lynne Hand.

Countries always start with a CAPITAL LETTER.

I come from England, but I live in Germany.

Cities always start with a CAPITAL LETTER.

I grew up in Nottingham.

Nationalities always start with a CAPITAL LETTER.

I am English.

Where you come from is your nationality.

Where is this?

Is this Germany?
Is England in Poland?
What is the capital of England?

No, this isn't Germany. It is England.

No, England isn't in Poland. England is in Britain.

The capital of England is London.

Is this France?
Is Wales in Germany?
What is the capital of Wales?

No, this isn't France. It is Wales.

No, Wales isn't in Germany. Wales is in Britain.

The capital of Wales is Cardiff.

Is this Spain?
Is Scotland in France?
What is the capital of Scotland?

No, this isn't Spain. It is Scotland.

No, Scotland isn't in France. Scotland is in Britain.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.

Is this Italy?
Is Northern Ireland in Italy?
What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

No, this isn't Italy. It is Northern Ireland.

No, Northern Ireland isn't in Italy. Northern Ireland is in the United Kingdom.

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

Where is this?
Is the United Kingdom in America?
Tell me more.

This is the United Kingdom.

No, the United Kingdom isn't in America. The United Kingdom is in Europe.

England, Wales and Scotland are countries in Britain. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are countries in the United Kingdom. London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff are capital cities. London is the capital of Britain.

This is England.


Q - Is England a city?

A - No, England isn't a city. England is a country.

Q - And London. Is London a city or a country?

A - London is a city, a capital city. London is the capital city of England.

Q - Is London in Germany?

A - No, London isn't in Germany. London is in England.



Now you - make up the same dialogue for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Q - Is Wales .......... ?

A - No, Wales ........... .


A quick joke :-

What is the capital of France?


Who is this? / Who are they?

Who is this? What is her name? Where does she come from? Where does she live? What nationality is she?

It's Ingrid.

Her name is Ingrid Bergman

She comes from Sweden

She's dead, but she is very well known (famous).

She's Swedish

Who is this? What is his name? Where does he come from? Where does he live? What nationality is he?

It's Napoleon.

His name is Napoleon Bonaparte.

He comes from France.

He's dead, but he is famous.

He's French.

Who are they? What are their names? Where do they come from? Where do they live? What nationality are they?

They're 'The Beatles'.

Their names are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

They come from England.

John Lennon and George Harrison are dead. Paul lives in England and Ringo lives in Monte Carlo. They are all very famous.

They're British.

All the people above are famous.

Mr Bean needs your help (requires Macromedia Shockwave Player.)

Click on Mr Bean

A person


Newborn Baby Where do you come from? / Where are you from? = Where were you born or raised?
This is the house where Jack lives. Where do you live? = Where do you live now?
This is the hotel I am staying in. Where are you staying? = Temporary accommodation.

For example:

"I come from England, but I live in Germany."

Now you try:- (Requires a free Voice Thread account).


What to say

Question Short answer Long answer

"What's your name?"

"It's Lynne."

"My name is Lynne."

"What's your full name?"

"It's Lynne Hand."

"My full name is Lynne Hand."

"Where do you come from?"

"From England."

"I come from England."

"Where do you live?"

"In Darmstadt."

"I live in Darmstadt."

"What nationality are you?"

"I'm English."

"My nationality is English."

When asked questions about themselves people often give short one-word answers:-

Short one - word answer

"What's your name?"


"What's your full name?"

"Lynne Hand."

"Where do you come from?"


"What country do you come from?"


"Where are you from?"


"Where do you live?"


"What nationality are you?"


Naturally Speaking

Follow the dialogue.

  • What's your name please?

  • Mr. Bean.

  • Do you come from London?

  • No I come from Derby.

  • Do you live in Derby?

  • No, I live in London.

  • Are you English?

  • Yes, I am.

  • Thank you.

  • You're welcome.


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Put the mixed up sentences into order - Sort It!

Practise Your English

Print out the table and fill in the missing information - What nationality are you?

Listen and read the words to this fun song, Where are you from?

Here are some of your previous posts, read out by Amatsu.

Now you have a go: Tell us where you come from. What is the capital city and what is the official language? Are there any famous people from your country?

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Week 3

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