Remember It

ReadingThe verb to beReading

ReadingThe days of the weekReading


ReadingThe past form of the verb to beReading

Present Past

More time expressions

Days of the week

The past The present The future
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Last Monday

The day before yesterday

Yesterday Today


The day after tomorrow

Next Sunday

Months of the year

The past The present The future
July August September October November December January
Last July

The month before last

Last month This month

Next month

The month after next

Next January


The past The present The future
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Three years ago

The year before last

Last year This year

Next year

The year after next

In three years time


Review It

Today is .

Yesterday was .

The day before yesterday was .

Tomorrow will be .

The day after tomorrow will be .

This month is .

Last month was .

The month before last was .

Next month will be .

The month after next will be .


Naturally Speaking


Follow the dialogue.

Mr Bean is finding out about his student's birthdays.

Mr Bean:
Sam, when is your birthday?

It is on the 22nd of September.

Mr Bean:

Oh, really! But today is the 23rd of September.

Mr Bean:
That means your birthday was yesterday!

Yes it was.

Mr Bean:

Well, happy birthday for yesterday Sam.

Thank you.
Mr Bean:

Sally, when is your birthday?

My birthday is on the 24th of September.
Mr Bean:
Yes. It's my birthday tomorrow!
Mr Bean and Sam:
Happy birthday for tomorrow Sally.
Thank you.

Your challenge: Write three sentences about what you are doing at the moment, what you did yesterday, and what you are going to do tomorrow.

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