Prepositions of Place


Things and people move, so you need to know some more prepositions to describe that movement or direction.

Some of these might look familiar, some might be new, but they all show movement or direction:-

across | along
in / into
off | onto | over
through | to | towards

!Note - Americans tend to say "around" instead of "round"

down The ball is rolling down the hill.
round Sam is chasing Spooky round the bowl.
off Oh no! The paint is falling off the table and onto the floor.
out of The rabbit is popping out of the hat.

out of The plane is flying over the mountain.


Naturally Speaking - English Dialogue

Do you remember Nicole and Frank?

Here Nicole is telling Frank about their two naughty pets; Sam the dog and Spooky the cat.

Wanda and Frank

nicole“You will not believe what a crazy day I had, Frank!” said Nicole.

frank“Why? What happened?” asked Frank.

“Well, I was sat on a chair in the lounge and Sam suddenly chased Spooky towards me, and round the chair."


"Then they ran through the door, past me and into the dining room.” through


“Spooky was so frightened she jumped on the table in the dining room, ran across it and knocked the vase that was on the table over, it fell off the table, onto the floor and broke into little pieces!"

preposition over


"Then Spooky jumped in the box that was under the table.” jump in

Sam ran under the box. I started shouting at him, but then Spooky jumped out of the box, and they both ran to the back door, and into the garden. Finally Sam chased Spooky along the garden path and up the tree.”

Up a tree.

"I had to call the firebrigade, to get her down!"

"Hmm," said Frank. "I guess Sam is in the doghouse. Maybe he needs to go to training classes."

Story illustrated by Heather Pears.

Your challenge: Try to describe some of the movements you need to make in a sport or hobby.

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