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Unit 1 - Lesson 1 -  Basic Introductions - am/is/are 
?Questions? What ...? Who ...?

English Lesson - Introductions


The English Alphabet

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The verb to be

Full form (written)Write


Short form (spoken)Speak

Listen   Listen
I am
you are
he is
she is
it is
are not
is not


For the teacher - Articles Picture ThisFor the student - Picture This Picture This

a or an?
a = b, c, d ...
an = a, e, i, o, u
a banana, a car, a dog... an apple, an elephant, an igloo, an orange, an umbrella


Question - What/Who is it?

What ....? = things

Who .....? = people

"What's" = What is

"It's" = It is

"Who's" = Who is

Who's your teacher?

"Hello. I'm Lynne. I'm your teacher."
Now you try:-

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Enter the correct form of the verb to be - Fill It

Test your vocabulary - Name It - if you don't know a word look it up in your dictionary.

Practise Your English

Read this song - Great for practising "I am".

Listen to some of the previous comments. (Read out by Amatsu.)

Now you try saying "Hello".
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Week 1

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