Prepositions of time

Remember It

Revise (do again) the time expressions (Time 1) and (Time 2) and (Time 3).


Who? People
What? Things
Where? Places


Prepositions used with time

  At a point in time   In a length of time   For a length of time
"When shall we meet?" "Let's meet at 12:30."
"It's 12:30 already! When will you be ready?" "Oh! Then I'll see you in 15 minutes, at about 12:45."

More Questions - When?

We use "when" to ask about time.

"What time do you open?" = "When do you open?"

"We open at ... 09.00 nine o'clock.


"What time do you close?" = "When do you close?"

"We close at ... 6.00 six o'clock.


Who? People
What? Things
Where? Places
When? Time


Opening Times

"When are you open?"

from to
"We're open from... 09.00 nine in the morning to 6.00 six in the evening."
"But, we're closed from... 12 noon 12 noon to 1.00 one in the afternoon, for lunch."
before     after    

The staff arrive before ...


half past eight in the morning.

We don't allow any customers in after ... 5.30

half past five in the evening.


Writing the time

morning 00:01 - 11:59
a.m. - stands for Ante Meridiem (the time between midnight and noon) 00:01 hrs - 12:00
noon or midday 12:00
p.m. - stands for Post Meridian (after noon) 12:01 - 24:00 hrs
afternoon 12:01 - 18:00
evening 18:01 - 22:00
night 22:01 - 24:00
midnight 24:00
For example:-
      "I go to work in the morning."    
      "I go home in the evening."    
      "I have lunch in the afternoon."    
      "I woke up in the night."    
"I go to sleep at night."    

!Note - The way people write a.m. and p.m. varies. Choose from the following styles and stick to it:-

a.m. p.m.
am pm
A.M. P.M.

Prepositions used with days

For single days we use on.

For example:

This year my birthday is on Saturday.

For the weekend we use at.

For example:

I never work at the weekend.

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