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Whole numbers 100 to 1000

In figures In words Pronounce It
100 one (a) hundred 100
101 one (a) hundred and one 101
200 two hundred ...
300 three hundred ...
400 four hundred ...
500 five hundred ...
600 six hundred ...
700 seven hundred ...
800 eight hundred ...
900 nine hundred ...
1,000 a thousand 1000

Remember the song from Lesson 5? Well, if you have the time, you can use it to practise any numbers:-

Green bottles

One Thousand Green Bottles

A thousand green bottles
Hanging on the wall
A thousand green bottles
Hanging on the wall
And if one green bottle
Should accidentally fall
There'll be nine hundred and ninety nine green bottles
Hanging on the wall

And so on....

More Numbers

Your challenge: tell us something about a number between one hundred and one thousand:-

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How good is your memory? Test your numbers by matching the words and figures:-

Numbers - Memory Test

Read this song - Good for practising larger numbers

Read car licence plates. My old car licence plate was:-

N34 6DQ



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